Examples of work

Some examples of work I am currently doing include:

Published work

Research, learning and evaluation work 

A snapshot of Leadership Development in the UK Refugee and Migration sector: a scoping report

The findings and recommendations from a scoping review of leadership development in the migration and refugee sector in the UK. (2022 – funded by Migration Exchange and co-authored with Kate Weiler)

City and Hackney Anchor Network: interim learning report

This interim learning report, published in July 2020 with Renaisi, summarises the first stage of work with anchor organisations in City and Hackney, working together to explore how they can collectively build wealth and tackle inequality in the local area.

The Quiet Revolution: how anchor organisations are using their economic power to build wealth tackle disadvantage in local communities.

The final report from qualitative research conducted in North America and Australia as part of a 2019 Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship, exploring the different strategies used by anchor organisations.

Surviving Austerity

Insights from an 18 month qualitative research programme using peer research, photo-journalism, interviews and workshops to explore how people in some of the UK’s most deprived areas were experiencing austerity.

Everyday Insecurity

Following on from ‘Surviving Austerity’, this research looked in more detail at the impact of public spending cuts and changes to the welfare system on the most disadvantaged.

Budgets and beyond

Funded by SCIE, this programme of research explored people’s experiences of personalisation and co-production in social care.

Think pieces 

How Think Tanks Create Change

A short provocation written during my Clore Social Leadership fellowship on how think tanks create change which shares perspectives from funders, civil society, think tanks and politicians.

Ted X: Building a Stronger Safety Net for all of us.

A short video of my views on what a modern safety net can mean for us in the 21st century.

Work on Commissioning and Public Sector Innovation

The School for Local Government Innovators 

This pilot programme was designed to create a space for local government councillors to think differently about the challenges they face locally, and their role in supporting fresh thinking and new approaches.

Transforming youth services

This programme of work was supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and involved working closely with three local authorities to transform their commissioning of youth services so that they were focused on promoting social, environmental and economic outcomes, and co-produced with young people.

Commissioning for Outcomes and Co-production

This report was the outcomes of a major three year programme of work, implementing the learning from the ‘Transforming Youth Services’ programme. It involved designing a set of learning products for commissioners and rolling out training to over 1,000 commissioners across the UK.

The Art of Commissioning

This programme of work was supported by by Arts Council England and was delivered in partnership with NVCO, NPC and NEF. I led work with two pioneering local areas (Kent and Gloucestershire) to embed arts and cultural activities as part of service provision in health and social care.

Work on Co-production 

For several years at NEF (The New Economics Foundation) I worked with local authorities, service providers and NHS bodies to generate learning, test new approaches and evaluate the impact of co-production on the design and delivery of public services. Below is a short selection of published pieces on co-production with hyperlinks to each one.